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La Sonata Homeowners Association
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Management Companies

Tenant Updates

Investment Owners, or their Management Companies, are required to update the HOA each year. We usually request this update when there is a renewed lease, or when there is a change in tenant. If your tenant has renewed or changed, please contact the HOA, or if you have a copy of the Key Fob Request form on file, you may email that to

La Sonata HOA looks forward to building a strong working relationship with you on behalf of our Investment Owners. Our goal is to make managing the property as easy as possible while protecting the Owner's confidentiality and keeping property values rising. Please note the following information for your La Sonata HOA accounts, and please let us know if we may be of further assistance.

1. La Sonata HOA does not allow For Rent or Lease signs in the neighborhood. We do offer for Investment Owners or their Authorized Agents to list a property for rent or lease with the HOA, which we will make available to potential tenants. Other options are widely regarded websites like Zillow.

2. All Management Companies must have an Authorized Agent document on file with the HOA Secretary. This can be accomplished by sending a copy of the contract between your company and the Owner of Record. Another option is for the Owner to fill out the Key Fob Request form which has a place to list their chosen management company. Please note that the Key Fob request form MUST be hand signed by the owner, include tenant contact information, and may be scanned and emailed to will act as authorization and release La Sonata HOA to discuss key fobs, account issues including HOA Dues payments, and changes in tenancy with a representative of your company.