La Sonata Homeowners Association
La Sonata Homeowners Association

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Christmas Lights & Decoration Contest 2020 Winners

Halloween 2020

All pictures taken and posted with Parental Permission

 Yard of the Month  June, 2020

 Yard of the Month May, 2020

2019 Christmas Lights Contest Winners!

Coffee Creek Church MEGA SPORTS Camp June/July 2019

La Sonata HOA Easter Egg-Stravaganza April 20, 2019

La Sonata HOA 2019 National Neighbors Night Out

La Sonata HOA Halloween October 31, 2019

Parental Permission Obtained to post to website- Some pictures look hazy due to fog machine

La Sonata HOA 2019 Chili Cook Off

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Congratulations to our Winners!

1st Place- Melissa Radtke

2nd Place- Christie Burgess Bount