La Sonata Homeowners Association
La Sonata Homeowners Association

EFFECTIVE APRIL 1, 2020 Account Status Letter fees will be $75.00 for 3+ days service and $100.00 for service required within 72 hours of request.

Account Status Letters may be obtained from the HOA Secretary. Account Status Letters are $50.00 (until March 31, 2020, see above) and usually completed within 2-5 business days.

As of January 1, 2019, La Sonata HOA Annual Dues are $175.00 and are due by March 31 of the year. Invoices for annual HOA Dues are usually mailed by mid-February.

Account Status Letters will contain:

1. Anticipated closing date

2. Seller and Buyer name(s)

3. Current account balance

4. Property address

5. Administrative Fee which covers account research, transfer of account from Seller to Buyer

6. Total amount playable to La Sonata HOA, Invoice #(s), and

7. A list of what Annual Dues are used for.

Each Account Status Letter will be accompanied by an attached Welcome letter/Closing form. Please ensure this form is filled out at closing and returned to La Sonata HOA. If this will be an investment property, please notify the Secretary so the correct Closing Form may be sent.

Please request that Seller surrender Clubhouse key fobs to Buyer. Replacement key fobs are $25.00 each, limit of 2. To request replacement Key Fob, please go to the Key Fob Request page.