La Sonata Homeowners Association
La Sonata Homeowners Association
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CCRS, Bylaws and Rules Documents

The documents that govern our Neighborhood. Each of these documents has its place of importance in the way our neighborhood grows, operates and is managed. Please take time to read them. 

The legal document CCRs our neighborhood was created under containing restrictions of use. The CCRs cannot be amended without a lawyer and 75%* of the owners in agreement to that change.

The Bylaws governing Membership, Meetings, and the Board of Directors.Bylaws can be amended by the Board of Directors.

These Bylaws may be altered or amended by an affirmative vote of the majority of the Board of Directors present at any regular or special meeting provided that notice to amend was given at least 10 days prior to the meeting and the intent to vote on By-laws is placed on the notice, stating the revised version will be made available by public posting, print or electronic, for public input.

The Rules  document; the CCRs in a more easily readable format, and the document that includes Enforcement and Appeals Processes.Rules can be amended by the Board of Directors with sufficient notice to owners.

The Common Area Guidelines contains simple Rules for all Common Areas- Clubhouse, Pool, Fitness Room, Reserved Event Room,Playground and Pond

The Architectural Review Form  MUST be submitted for changes to the exterior of the property. This includes paint color, change in fencing (not replacement of the same) stain color, installation of a storage building, or other structure such as patio cover, etc. Please fill in the form completely, attaching any building plans, including color choices. Please be sure to get the signature of any neighbor who's line of sight may be affected if you project breaks the top of the fence line- this is the neighbors on each side of you as well as the three behind you. Their signatures do not indicate approval of the project, just that they are aware of the plan and may contact the La Sonata HOA Board of Directors with any objections or questions.

Report violations to the HOA Anonymously, please fill out the form below: Your identity will be kept anonymous we need your information should the HOA need further information.